Sunday, March 7, 2010

No Holes Barred - Comments on title...

Well now, No Holds Barred, makes you think, now where have I heard that before.
It was not selected as a theme but really "ANY THING GOES" as long as it fits the museums and SAQA's definition of a quilt. The final say on that will of course be the venue as it will be hung in their museum.

Here is the definition of a quilt from SAQA;s website:

SAQA defines an art quilt as a contemporary artwork exploring and expressing aesthetic concerns common to the whole range of visual arts: painting, printmaking, photography, graphic design, assemblage and sculpture, which retains, through materials or technique, a clear relationship to the folk art quilt from which it descends.

NE Quilt Museum's definition: "The traditional quilt definition is that it has 3 layers (top, filling and backing) and has stitching that holds the layers together. That definition allows for tying or tacking, machine or hand quilting. It also would allow all of the quilts in "Masters" including the Dollar Bill which had 3 layers with sugar packets for filling. I think this definition allows quite a lot of latitude!" Laura Lane, NEQM's Acting Curator.

The hope was that advertising would be easy and fun if we used a title that was able to touch on other sports this makes one think of boxing, wrestling, and sailing if the emails I have received are anything to go by. If this title stirs your creativity and makes people take a second look or think twice than we have hit the mark, made a hole in one, knock it out of the ring or box, and are sailing in the right direction.

Regards, Ms. V
Co-Chair SAQA-NE Quilt Museum 2011 Exhibition