Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Journey's end in sight

Good morning,
I wanted to post a message about Celeste Janey, our travels, and the wonderful welcome we have received all over New England.
As many of you know I am not able to drive at the moment and Celeste has graciously driven me to the four corners of New England to speak to SAQA members in person about the upcoming Exhibition, No Holes Barred. We have traveled for a full year sharing particulars about the Exhibit.
There have been many questions about the show and as we get closer and closer to the entry deadline many of the questions have been about the guidelines. There are what they are and every show has them.
One of our committee members was bothered about some of the posts and I reminded her that every exhibit whether it is a local guild, a gallery, a traveling show, national or international, or even world class museums, each has it own particular rules and regulations.
We were very lucky to have an entire year to work on our pieces for this show. Some of us started right away and others thrive in a last minute situation that produces remarkable works. Either way we are nearing that year long journeys end.
Thank you for your enthusiasm, welcome, the great food, and the support and friendship you have shown us both. It would have been much harder if we had not been received with such open arms and hugs.
It is my hope that the remaining days are spent pulling a rabbit or a dove out of your magic hats along with ribbons, strings, holes, and amazing quilted pieces.
Thank you again for playing, for sharing, for entering, and for making this one of the best experiences both Celeste and I have had on the road.
Warmest regards, Ms. V

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