Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Exhibit is Up! No Holds Barred!

I was awed as I watched and helped hang the last pieces of the exhibit. Feeling amazed and surprised that I was so inspired by the art work I was looking at. To think that each artist started with the same materials fabric, thread, and various added items from their stash, and yet, each expressed themselves so very differently.

What a wonderful selection of the contemporary art work that New Englanders are creating today. In four days the exhibit will open and you will be able to see for yourself. January 20, 2011 is opening day and January 29th is the Opening Celebration. I can hardly wait to join you and discuss the works, the artists, and their processes, and to celebrate another successful venture by the New England Quilt Museum and the Studio Art Quilt Associates of New England.

Come out and meet the artists on January 29 and March 19th. Also check out the museum website for the events occuring on Saturdays while the exhibit hangs.

Excitedly yours,
Ms. V
Guest Curator
Co-Chair No Holds Barred

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