Tuesday, February 16, 2010

updated ! SAQA New England's Exhibition - No Holds Barred 2011

Here are some of the basic specs...more to follow:

A collaboration of work between SAQA NEW ENGLAND and the New England Quilt Museum

Presenting: A Call for Entry..."No Holds Barred"

Show Dates: February 1-April 23, 2011

1. The Show will be up for approx. 8-10 weeks.
2. The States included for this Exhibition are MA, RI, CT, VT, RH, and Maine.
3 New work only...for the show, this means, never been previously exhibited or published in a magazine or seen on the Internet, or entered in another exhibit before November 31, 2010.
4. A 4" sleeve with pleat made of muslin to be used with a slat board system will be necessary. Directions to follow.
5. Directions, the how what when and where, of sending in your cd's will follow.
6. Participants will receive acceptance notification by November 30.
7. First reception will be held Saturday Feb 5th.

Please note: whether or not you participate in the Call for Entry we are making a SAQA and especially a six state request to support our efforts on behalf of the museum and the Artists and Quilters whose works will be exhibited...

8. We are asking each member of the six states to donate a 8 x 10 framed quilt. The item is to be framed in a store purchased cardboard matte/dull frame and the 8 x 10 quilted work should fit neatly inside the frame. ( It would be a boon if all edges were neatly finished). There will be more info on this Blog and the Yahoo Group as time goes by. This quilted item will be donated to the museum as a fund raiser primarily to assist us with the funding of this event. The quilts will belong to the museum once donated. The museum has given me notice that all items sold will receive a letter. Please note all items donated will receive a letter from the SAQA MA/RI Region.

Ms. V

Valarie Poitier
Co-Chair SAQA-New England Quilt Museum Exhibition 2011
Any mistakes or misprints are my own and will be updated asap.

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